Product Review: MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Global Glow

Hi All!
Woo I’m finally back! I survived senior year of college, successfully landed a job, celebrated, moved into a new apartment, and I FINALLY get some free time to myself to blog! This past weekend while I was in my hometown, I decided to visit the MAC store in my local mall and use a gift card that I had lying around to try some new product. I am obsessed with YouTube beauty gurus like Jaclyn Hill and Desi Perkins, and always take their favorite products into consideration. When they both mentioned MAC’s Mineralize Skin Finish in Global Glow, I knew I had to get it! I’m all about the bronze-y, summer glow, and I’ve never had a highlighter/bronzer with gold flecks in it, so I decided to give it a go. It’s safe to say that I am obsessed! My favorite way to wear it is layering it over my bronzer, but those with darker skin tones could also use it as a golden highlighter. This is definitely worth a try for anyone wanting a sun-kissed glow! For those with lighter skin tones, I would definitely use a lighter hand so you don’t look muddy, and for those who are extremely light or have a pinkier undertone, I would choose a more white/pink based highlighter all together.


Product Review: NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

Happy Wednesday readers!
So this morning as I was applying my foundation, I realized something very important…

I hate it =).

So I decided to haul my caked-up face to the nearest Sephora and fix my issues ASAP. I wasn’t really sure what brand I wanted, but I knew that I wanted something with buildable coverage, a luminous finish, and something slightly moisturizing. Thanks to the helpful staff at Sephora, I was directed to NARS to try their All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation and a luminous finish foundation by Makeup Forever. After trying both, I decided to go with NARS because it felt less tacky on my skin. Invigorated by my new purchase (uhhh purchases? Because I somehow ended up with a cream contour kit by Laura Mercier, an Anastasia Brow Wiz, a mini DryBar dry shampoo, and a free gift from all of the points that I’ve been saving), I decided to come home, wipe off the hot mess express that is Japonesque foundation, and apply the lovely, weightless NARS foundation, which applied like a dream. A+ indeed! I give it a 5/5 and will definitely make this my go-to until I finally cough up the money for Armani Luminous Silk. Stay tuned for more reviews of the other things that I didn’t mean to buy but totally did!

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Back to School Makeup Must-Haves

Hi there readers!

Well it’s after Labor Day, which we all know means it’s time to head back to school (NOOOOO). One of my favorite things to do during this time is to watch my favorite YouTubers post their back to school videos, with ideas for easy to pack lunches, quick hairstyles, and you guessed it…makeup looks! I thought it would be a fun to show you guys what my favorite makeup products are in case your stash needs a bit of a pick me up (or you need retail therapy because you are already up to your eyeballs with work). Let me know if you have tried any of these products!

1.) The Beauty Blender
I KNOW. I KNOW. EVERYONE is talking about the Beauty Blender. And for a good reason! The Beauty Blender is a blending sponge that is useful for a seamless foundation application. To use it, you run it under water while squeezing the sponge to absorb the water, and then squeeze out any excess until the sponge is damp. I like to use the wider end of the Beauty Blender to blend my cream contour, and the tapered end to blend out my concealer. It’s perfect to toss into a bag because it can multitask! Other uses include applying cream blush or a cream highlight.


Beauty Blender via Amazon
Beauty Blender via Amazon

2.) Urban Decay Chill Makeup Setting Spray

This is such a lifesaver! Nothing is worse than having your makeup on fleek, going to classes all day and running around like a nutcase, and then coming home and realizing that your makeup melted down to your kneecaps and you look like the scary matchmaker from Mulan (see picture below). Urban Decay’s Chill Makeup Setting Spray not only is refreshing and cooling, but also helps your makeup last all day long!

3.) Fresh: Sugar Lip Treatment

Okay, okay I know it’s a bit (err very) expensive for a lip balm, but Fresh has the most delicious smelling lip balm with SPF 15, moisturizing oils, real sugar, and no parabens! It is soooo moisturizing and is definitely helpful when the weather gets nippy and you want to keep your lips smoother than a baby’s bottom. It’s definitely a worthy splurge.

via Amazon
via Amazon

4.) NYX Lipsticks

BUY THEM ALL! NYX is one of my go to lipstick brands because of their inexpensive pricing and amazing selection of shades. I love to try new colors, but hate committing to a price, and that is why I am a devoted fan of NYX products! In addition, their lipsticks are extremely moisturizing (believe me…I have eczema on my lips…TMI I know…)and it is one of the only lipsticks that I think applies super smooth and doesn’t totally dry out my lips.

via Amazon
via Amazon

Let me know what your favorite beauty products are from back to school! If you try any from my list, let me know if you like them!