Stress Less: 4 Things to Do When You’re Freaking the *Bleep* Out

We all have those moments when we feel like we have so much on our plate that we just may explode! Whether stress from school, work, or life in general is getting you down, there’s no need to lose your mind. Stress, like anything else, can be managed as long as you have a strategy in place to help you relax. So put down the chocolate, stop drinking your latte (yes I know that’s not the only one you’ve had today), and get reading if you want to feel like a million bucks!

1.) Go exercise!

Exercise has been shown to reduce stress, increase endorphins (they make you happy!) and also improves muscle tone, digestion, and stamina. The key here, however, is to find a type of exercise that you actually enjoy! Dreading going for a run definitely won’t improve your mood, so do whatever makes you feel best. This may require some trial and error, but the more you love what you are doing, the more likely you will stick with it! Are your friends stressed to the max too? Great! Grab them and go for a group Zumba class, then marvel at how being a bootylicious dance queen is the best decision you’ve made all day.


2.) Play some music.

For me, music is one of the best ways to shut off the stress and shut off my mind. Being a dancer for many years has definitely impacted my relationship with music. Whether upbeat, slow, happy, or sad, music is easily accessible and can be listened to almost anywhere and everywhere! Try making different playlists for dealing with different emotions that may pop up throughout your day. I WAS RUNNING THROUGH THE SIX WITH MY WOEEESSSSS…


3.) Take up a hobby.

When you’re knee-deep in homework or haven’t slept in a week and feel the stress coming at you with the intensity of a thousand suns, it may be time to take a break. Yes, you are allowed to take a break. In the words of my orientation leader my freshman year of college, “If you’re on your computer and suddenly realize that you just wasted two hours on Facebook instead of studying for exams, don’t beat yourself up. You probably needed the break.” AMEN SISTAH! Although maybe instead of creeping on your ex’s profile or torturing yourself by looking at your cousin’s pics of her weekend getaway to the Bahamas, try taking up a hobby instead. My personal favorite is coloring in my coloring book, which is actually shown to reduce stress! So go make like a four year old and put those crayons to work!


4.) Meditate

Last but not least, meditation can definitely be your friend if you are feeling any less than calm. While shutting off your thoughts may take some practice, meditation is shown to help people reduce their anxiety and help them achieve their goals. Try downloading a meditation CD from iTunes, or the Relax Melodies app for iPhone or Android.


I hope that all of these tips helped! Comment below with your strategies for coping with stress.