The Coffee Chronicles: 7 Grams Caffe

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Happy Monday to all!
Today’s Coffee Chronicles post is featuring 7 Grams Caffe! It’s not the first time I’ve been to this particular coffee shop, but I decided to revisit and add it to the blog. In case you were wondering where the name comes from, 7 grams is the amount of espresso it takes to make a shot.

The cafe has a minimalist interior with wooden bench seating, small tables, and a clean presentation overall. The menu is printed on the white wall, and there isn’t much decor except for a few pictures on the walls. The staff at 7 Grams is always friendly and upbeat, and there’s multiple dairy-free milk options which is a plus (soy and almond for those who were wondering). They also offer a selection of baked goods and sandwiches.


The last time I visited, I think I ordered a cappuccino, which was delicious, and this time I opted for an iced coffee. 7 Grams offers both cold brew and pour-over, and while I was tempted to get the cold brew, I figured for the sake of the blog I would try to mix it up a little bit. My first reaction was that the taste was very strong and that I wish I added more milk, although I usually like strong coffee. I think that if I added soy instead of almond milk, I would have enjoyed my coffee a lot more. Soy milk tends to be thicker in consistency, and I find that it doesn’t water the coffee down as much as almond milk. Overall, however, I enjoy 7 Grams coffee. I will point out that my Italian (born and raised!) roommate is obsessed with 7 Grams, so I guess they are doing something right! (Also they make pretty latte art and host events like painting nights and bands and other cool things so you should check it out!)

Also, before I say peace out girl scout, I picked up a postcard in 7 Grams which advertised the info for the New York Coffee Festival, which is from September 25th-27th at the 69th Regiment Armory on the corner of 26th Street and Lexington Avenue. I sadly can’t go (I am so going next year…for sure), but I figured that I would pass off the info for other coffee enthusiasts. Visit to buy tickets.


Yay Stevia!
Yay Stevia


7 Grams Caffe:

275 7th Avenue (between 25th and 26th)
New York, NY 10001

Takes credit cards: Yes

Noise Level: Low-Medium

Atmosphere: 4/5 (Gets crowded easily)

Recommend to a friend: Yes

Instagram: @sevengramscaffe

The Coffee Chronicles: Blue Bottle Coffee

IMG_5096 (1)Good afternoon!

This morning when I woke up, I was in the mood for a leisurely workout and wanted a break from my normal gym routine. With that in mind, I decided to walk The High Line from start to finish. For those of you who haven’t been, The High Line is an above street-level park and walkway in New York City that was built on old railroad tracks. The High Line truly has something for everyone, from beautiful views of the water, benches to sit and read, beautiful tree-shaded pathways, and you guessed it: a coffee stand, which is run by Blue Bottle Coffee!

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Being that I was working up a sweat, I decided to get an iced coffee with almond milk, which they offer in only one size (I would say it’s a medium). I was so happy to see that almond milk is offered as a non-dairy option, despite the fact that it costs extra. On that note, the almond milk doesn’t water down the coffee, which still had a very strong taste after the milk was added. The barista asked me if I wanted any sweetener added, but I decided to go without in hopes that I could add my own at the bar. Unfortunately for me, they only had white sugar on the bar, so I decided to pass and have an unsweetened coffee (hey it’s healthier anyway). Also to note, Blue Bottle sells baked goods as well and there is a seating area with plenty of tables and chairs. At $5.36, I’m not sure that I loved my coffee enough to get it again, but I would definitely try their other options on my next visit to The High Line!

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Blue Bottle Coffee:

Address: The High Line
10th Ave and West 16th Street
New York, NY 10014

Takes credit cards: Yes

Noise Level: It depends on how many people are at the High Line, also if there is construction in the area.

Atmosphere: 5/5 (The High Line is GORGEOUS.)

Recommend to a friend: Yes

Instagram: @bluebottle

The Coffee Chronicles: Birch Coffee

IMG_5066Happy Hump Day Everyone!

If you know me or even read my About page, you know that I have a serious love affair with coffee and with NYC! I thought that it would be a great idea to combine these two things and do a coffee crawl around the city to try out various coffee shops and give myself a break from my beloved Starbucks. Enter “The Coffee Chronicles”.

As the first stop on my tour, I decided to visit Birch Coffee on this extremely hot September afternoon. From the outside, Birch has a super cool industrial yet rustic vibe, and it seems as though the people working there enjoy a quirky sense of humor and a good old quote.

Upon walking into BircIMG_5068h, my first reaction was that the shop was small, which is to be expected when rent in NYC is so darn high! True to its exterior appearance, Birch’s interior combines a mixture of industrial metal fixtures, exposed brick walls, and a funky blend of music including alternative rock tracks (read Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes) and a rustic homey-ness of wood plank tables.

Birch also has a small library area in the corner of the shop, away from the hustle and bustle of the coffee bar. If you need a quiet space for intense study sessions or inner reflection, I would recommend taking your coffee to go, but other than that, definitely take a while to appreciate the store, pick up a book from the bookshelves, or even take a stab at what Birch has dubbed “The Ignition Initiative,” which is definitely not for the faint of heart. Grab a topic card, place it in front of you, and maybe you will be lucky enough to meet your future spouse, boss, or BFF for life (or maybe a creeper, but you can just forget that I said that).


IMG_5071While I originally had my heart set on ordering a cortado with hemp milk, the heat was just too much to bear and I opted instead for a large cold brew with hemp milk, which cost me $4.00.  I was especially pleased that Birch offers nondairy options besides soy milk, and I have to say that my drink was nothing short of delicious! The cold brew was smooth with a more mild flavor than Starbucks’ which I found much more pleasant to my taste buds. One potential downside is that Birch’s beverages only come in small or large, and that the large is more like a medium, but then again Americans are used to beverages being the size of a water tower (I will save that rant for another day). If you are feeling hungry, Birch also sells a variety of baked goods which you can eat in house or take with you to go.  See below for some quick stats on Birch and try it out for yourself! I’m looking forward to going back in the winter for a cozy coffee session with a good book!




Birch Coffee:

Address: 21 East 27th Street

Takes credit cards: Yes

Noise Level: Medium-Loud

Atmosphere: 4/5 (I was meh about the music but that’s my own preference.)

Recommend to a friend: Yes

Instagram: @birchcoffee